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About us...well me!


Moving with the times we now have our own facebook group. Click the icon above to check us out. Remember the passcode 'DWL123' you will need it to join the group.



Follow my Instagram page and you'll be able to see our new finds, and sneak previews from the workbench, they dont all come in working!

While setting up digital-watch.com I became totally obsessed with digital watches of all types, not just the usual marquee models of Seiko, Casio and Citizen but the early pioneering watches, where interface design had yet to be envisaged and the short battle between crown and button control had yet to commence.


I soon realised the nostalgic impact these watches had made on people and there was an opportunity to offer the chance to rekindle some of that nostalgia by sourcing and offering these watches in my shop.


Then there was the buzz of bringing back to life an owners pride and joy, that had long been forgotten, but was now that irreplaceable gift from loving relatives on special occasions long gone, the original manufacturers werent interested in repairing them as they were supposedly unrepairable or parts were no longer available. But there's nearly always a way!


Adam Harras 2023


I add watches regularly to the shop so keep in touch of our latest arrivals and some of my repair work from the bench by following us on Instagram, facebook.


Is your digital watch looking tired? sticky buttons, missing digits? I offer a repair/tuneup/spring clean service for watches that need a little love. Contact me for more details.